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Husband - Father - Combat Veteran - Small Business Owner

Mike G, 77th District, Cape Coral


"My faith in God, belief in individual liberties, and conservative values have always been the guiding force in my life.  Whether on the battlefields of Iraq, or fighting to preserve our conservative values in the political arena, I am passionate about our community and protecting our way of life."


Mike understands the importance of a strong educational foundation for the children in Cape Coral and the 79th District. He will work to increase STEM programs in our local schools and will push for more vocational schools to offer additional opportunities for kids that choose to learn a trade, rather than go to college. Mike believes in local control and will fight for more options, so that families can choose the education they feel is best for their children.

Economic Growth

As an entrepreneur, Mike understands what it takes to create jobs and strengthen our economy. He will work to stimulate economic growth by reducing taxes and fees, cutting regulations, and prioritizing businesses that create careers - not just jobs. Mike will also fight for an increased focus on education programs that give local kids an opportunity to stay in Cape Coral while developing the skills necessary to compete for positions in high paying competitive careers.

First Responders

Our first responders put their lives on the line every day to protect our families and property. Mike will work tirelessly to make sure they have every resource they need to do their job of protecting our community and will fight to protect their health and well-being after their service to Cape Coral and the 79th District ends.  

Water Quality

Restoring and protecting our water quality is not only paramount to our local economy but also essential to the health and well being of our residents and tourist. Mike has seen firsthand the impact of the blue-green algae crisis right here in Cape Coral and the 79th District. Not only was our tourism economy affected, so was our real estate market and property values. Mike will push to accelerate the completion of projects within the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, such as the C-43 and the Everglades Agricultural Area reservoirs. Mike also recognizes that we must do more to reduce our own local impacts and will address pollution at the source before it enters our waterways.


Protecting those that protect us will always be a top priority for Mike. As a member of the armed forces, he knows how difficult it can be for veterans to find jobs and reacclimate to civilian life. By removing barriers for them to enter in to trades that they were trained for, our veterans will be able to utilize their skills for a good paying careers.  Mike will always fight to ensure Florida is the most veteran friendly state in America.

2nd Amendment

Having seen firsthand the effect of living under repressive regimes, Mike understands that our right to keep and bear arms is essential to protecting a free society. He will fight to protect law abiding American citizens from those who seek to take away our inalienable rights.

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